ER70S-6 without copper plating
Welding Electrodes in various colours
Full range of Spool types
ENi2 without Spool
Special ER3545Nb
Nickel alloy electrode ENiCrFe-3
According to AWS standards, welding materials can be divided into 13 categories depending on the material:

1、Carbon Steel       2、Low-Alloy Steel       3、Stainless Steel      4、Cast Iron       5、Nickel Alloys       6、Aluminum Alloys     7、Copper Alloys     

8、Titanium Alloys      9、Zirconium Alloys     10、Magnesium Alloys      11、Tungsten Electrodes     12、Brazing Alloys and Fluxes     13、Surfacing Alloys

            Categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 13 are the main products of our company. It is worth mentioning that, facing the challenges brought about by the diversity of products in the market, our company has a significant competitive advantage in special welding consumables, combined with the stable development of general welding consumables, so that we have sufficient reserves to face the challenges brought about by the uncertainty of the market.
            So what are the aspects of “AKWELD” special welding consumables?
1. Ordinary product, special form
ER70S-6 is the most common welding material on the market, but we have it in four forms: MIG (copper-plated), TIG (copper-plated), MIG (non-copper-plated), and TIG (non-copper-plated).
2、Complete “SPOOL”
Our “SPOOL” includes: K415 (gold and blue), K300 (gold and blue), D300 (black and white), D270 (black and white).
3、6 colours for one electrode
Example: E6013 is available in black, grey, blue, dark green, light green and yellow.
4、Special welding material ENi2 different specifications
ENi2 includes 4.0mm, 3.0mm. copper plated, non-copper plated, no Spool
5、Unusual welding materials
We export special welding consumables such as ER2535Nb, ER3545Nb, ENi-1, ENiCrFe-3, ERNiCrCoMo-1, EM4, EF3, EF5 and so on.
6、Unusual delivery speed
 First day production, next day delivery. But this is a special case, unless it’s an emergency.