——Specialises in the development and production of welding consumables.

        ANCHOR WELD (WUHAN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (company abbreviation “AKWELD”) as a leader in China welding consumables, we supply more than 300 kinds of welding consumables to more than 30 countries in the world. With strong R&D and innovation strength and professional welding consumables technicians, the company has established its leading position in the international market through modernised production processes and perfect on-site welding inspection processes, starting from raw material procurement and quality inspection.
         “ARCFORT” as the first generation of our company’s own brand, through the deformation of the brand font and creativity, using the most rigorous “golden ratio”, with a contrasting effect of red, blue two colours, so that the overall more layered sense of better able to take into the Welding field scene, the promotion in the international market has been unanimously praised!