Mission values

                                                Stabilise the low-end, consolidate the mid-end and innovate the high-end.

      Welding is one of the three key technologies of modern manufacturing, with major applications in fields including automotive, building construction, heavy engineering, railway and shipbuilding, and oil and gas.
      In recent years, smart factories and Industry 4.0 fever have continued to rise, and heavy industrial engineering has seen exponential growth. Demand for high-precision welding is increasing, due to its ability to join two different metals without loss of performance. And as the automotive industry is working to reduce the weight of vehicles by replacing metal parts with plastics that require high-precision welding, the demand for welding in the automotive market is set to grow significantly.With the increasing number of residential and commercial projects, government initiatives in infrastructure development, access to bank loans at lower interest rates and other measures to increase the boost to the construction industry, building and construction speed in the growth of welding in the construction industry at the same time, the application of welding in the construction industry in a good position to promote the welding market’s rapid development. Moreover, due to increasing infrastructure in developing economies, various precision welding techniques will be widely used in critical operations such as railway tracks, underwater pipelines, etc., and welding in oil & gas and railway sectors will also grow moderately.

      While the global industry is interlinked, welding materials as the most basic have become one of the key support and guarantee. At present, the international market, the low-end welding consumables have been in a saturated state, the quantity of saturation, quality saturation and the saturation of the technical level so that the low-end welding consumables to move forward by the limit. Mid-range welding consumables as a result of the welding companies are now linked to each other, technical experts to cooperate with each other, has broken through the technical barriers, many large and medium-sized enterprises have completed the mass production stage of work.

      The current need for innovation, research and development is the high-end welding materials. With the rapid development of global industry, the welding materials, quality, technology and other requirements of the level of higher and higher, ordinary welding materials have been unable to meet the current environment. In the face of this status quo, my company “AKWELD” focus on science and technology personnel, technical experts on high-end welding materials for each industry breakthroughs, at this stage in the hydropower industry has achieved success.
      We are very much looking forward to discussing with the welding experts of various industries at the technical level, and carrying out exquisite cooperation with enterprises!

      Up to now we have applied for a number of R&D patents. These patents were presented at the Canton Fair in China.

      We will continue to fulfil our mission in 2024!