In 1998, the company was founded as a “Speciality Welding Rods Production Base”, and at the same time set up a research and development team to integrate products and start promoting them abroad.




         From 2002 to 2005, the company actively participated in the activities held by “China Welding Association”, “Electrical Industry Association”, “Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute”, “National Welding Material Testing Centre”, to understand the latest consulting in the welding industry, combined with the characteristics of the company, to further determine the direction of the company’s development in the next five years.

cf anchorweld


          In 2010, the company set up a second production base, named “JinDi”, which mainly produces solid wire, flux-cored wire and submerged arc welding wire. The warehouse covers an area of 8000 square metres.JinDi



         AKWELD set “special welding materials” as the centre of development, through the efforts of the R & D team, has made technical achievements such as E70C-6M, EB3R-H, E6013, etc., which have made significant breakthroughs in the performance of these products and applied for national patents.

test lab




        In 2018, the company set up a branch office in Wuhan, the most prosperous city in central China, which is mainly responsible for international trade and final confirmation of the integrity of products before export.


       In 2022, we spent a lot of time and effort on the quality of our products, consolidating the range of products demanded by the market, building the company’s brand image, and establishing “ARCFORT” as a new level of brand.



In 2023, the company defined a series of welding consumables for the hydropower industry and carried out research in specialised areas – nuclear power, military and Ti alloy welding consumables.