Welding Alliance

                              Committed to building a global alliance of quality partners


        With the rapid development of the construction, shipbuilding, petrochemical and pipeline industries, the import and export of welding consumables has exploded in the global market. As the world becomes more aware of the need to protect the environment, the impact of welding consumables on the environment has become a major concern. On the other hand, welding consumables that meet the require-ments for sustainable work in special areas, situations and environments are particularly valuable in the global market. 

        AKWELD Welding Group is orientated towards “technological brand innovation and leadership” and is committed to creating partner end-products with a common selling point of sustainability and the “ARCFORT” trademark. AKWELD Welding Group is orientated to “technology brand innovation leadership”, to build an ecosystem with partners’ end products as the carrier, sustainable development as the common selling point, and “ARCFORT graphic trademark” as the unified visual identity, to help partners create greater value, to build a global innovative welding alliance, and to jointly promote the industry.

       At present, we have formed an alliance with a number of enterprises in the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, in technological innovation, product upgrading on each other to get strong support, and really achieved the effect of common development.


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