EB3R as a special submerged arc welding wire is widely demanded in the petrochemical industry. However, the performance requirements for EB3R are very different in different countries and regions. According to the performance requirements of the reference standard “AWS A5.23-2021”, “the impact test should be satisfied: ≥54J/-20°C”. EB3R produced in accordance with this standard through the test results are:
C:0.1 Si:0.14 Mn:0.60 Cr:2.35 Mo:0.92 Cu:0.033
Tensile strength: 658MPa
Yield strength: 575MPa
Impact test:65J 71J 83J/20℃
The results meet the requirements of “AWS A5.23-2021” standard.
rolled wire
              However, in recent years, through the high-frequency communication between the technical experts of both sides, it is found that in different countries and different markets, there are obvious differences in the requirements of EB3R, which are specifically reflected in the performance of impact test. For example, market A (A is the market code) requires an impact performance of -30℃, while market B (B is the market code) requires an impact performance of -40℃. In the face of this market differentiation, our company’s technical experts outside the United Nations technical experts on the EB3R professional discussions, by changing the composition with the flux, so that the EB3R in the original impact strength of the upgrade, the test test concluded that: EB3R in the new flux with the use of the impact strength can reach:
101J 112J 98J/-30℃ and 78J 82J 69J/-40℃,
 This test result fully meets the different market requirements for the use of EB3R. In addition, according to the results, the other parameters of the test meet the requirements of the “AWS A5.23-2021” standard.
Thank you very much for the positive co-operation of the overseas experts!
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