E6013 is a popular electrode for arc welding, especially for mild steel.

All-position versatility: E6013 is known for its ability to be used in all positions, including flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welding, for a wide range of welding applications.

Easy to use: Smooth arc and minimal spatter make it easy to weld, especially for beginners.

Moderate penetration: moderate penetration for welding thin to medium thickness sheet metal.

Good arc stability: stable arc performance, stable weld quality.

Low slag production: Compared to some other types, less slag is produced, so it is easier to remove the slag and the weld seam is cleaner.

Smooth surfaces: generally smooth and good looking.

Flexibility in current type: Can be used on both AC and DC power sources for a wide range of welding machines.

Fast slag freezing: prevents the molten metal from dripping or sagging, which aids vertical and overhead welding.