The company’s production of military welding consumables products at home and abroad in the leading position, part of the product quality has exceeded the foreign brands, with technical advantages. Coupled with the military procurement favour technology leading leading enterprises, so the company’s products and foreign manufacturers compared to the military applications in the field of more background advantages.
              Welding materials used in the field of nuclear power, have very high requirements. This time can not be used “AWS” requirements of these welding materials, because compared to “ASTM”, “AWS” requirements to be much broader, which is for the strict requirements of nuclear power This is not the case for the strict requirements of nuclear power. In addition, many end-users are even more demanding on the basis of “ASTM”.
                The most common welding consumables for nuclear power are E309LT1-4, E316LT1-4, E347T1-4, E9016-G, ER80S-G, etc. The main parameters involved are the chemical composition of the material. The main parameters involved include chemical composition, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact work, cross-section reduction range, ferrite content, intergranular corrosion, diffusible hydrogen content and so on.
              E9016-G, ER80S-G, etc. Welded and heat-treated toughness and drop performance is excellent, good welding process performance. After welding and heat treatment tensile strength 550MPa, weld metal Ni amount ≤ 0.80%, diffusion hydrogen content ≤ 4.0m/100g.E309LT1-4, E347T1-4 ferrite content between 5-15 (Fn: 5-15), cross-section shrinkage greater than 40%, intergranular corrosion test qualified…!