Anchor Weld ON 126TH CANTON FAIR ( Oct 15 -18, 2019 )

Canton fair

ANCHOR WELD as a professional welding materials manufacturer attended 128th Canton fair from Oct 15 to 18th, 2019.

On the fair our full range of welding materials products were exhibited: 

1, Welding Electrodes: E6013, E6013 LF, E6011, E6010, E7018, E7016, ENiFe-Ci, ENi-CI, E308L-16, E309L-16, etc  

2, Solid wires: ER70S-6, ER70S-3, ER70S-2, ER110S-G, ER80S-D2, ER308LSi, ER316LSi, ER2209, etc  

3, Flux cored wires: E71T-1, E71T-11, E71T-GS, E81T1-Ni1, E81T1-Ni2, E70C-6M H4 etc  

4, Submerged arc wires  & flux: EH14, EM12K, EM12, EL8, EL12, SJ101, SJ101G, SJ501, etc  

5, Tig rods: ER70S-6, ER308L, ER316L, ER70S-2, etc  

On the fair, our products are widely appreciated because of good welding performance as well as good appearance.  

DIY packaging series were also showed to meet the increasing demand of small pack welding materials.  Thanks for our friends from all over the world to visit us in Guangzhou.

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